It's World Book Day yo

Naturally, this post is about reading. 


Here's a list of our top 3 books to read that will make you laugh, cry, bring out that FIERCENESS in you and also just some funny ones because, well, their jokes. 

1) The Slumflower - What a Time to be Alone

When we first heard of this book by The Slumflower, we were like, well we're not single, and we're pretty happy keeping it that way, so how can this book relate to us? WELL GUESS WHAT LADIES AND GENTS, IT RELATES TO EVERYYYYONE. Chidera is a genius, she's your best friend, a life guru. Some of the quotes in that book have stuck with us and will do forever. She helps you navigate through the modern world, realising your own wealth and being the best person you can be. It doesn't need to be about relationships, it's about you as a person. We also love the illustrations included, it's such an easy read and a book that we'll be referring back to for years to come. 


2) Louis Theroux - Gotta Get Theroux This

Just like everyone else on planet earth, we're in love with Louis Theroux. His journalism technique is like no other, so natural and fearless, yet so witty and entertaining. We got this book one Christmas and couldn't put it down. It will make you laugh, make you gobsmacked, and also make you feel like you've known Louis all of your life (even though the poor sod has no idea who you are). There are so many stories in this book that haven't made it to his series', you're getting a real VIP treatment when reading it. 


3) UKG - Ewen Spencer

If you don't know Ewen Spencer, get to know. He has photographed his way through many a rave in his time, and this book captures his days of being on the garage scene in such an enchanting way. It's mainly a photobook, so you don't need to read that much, but we'd definitely recommend reading the segments from OG garage legend Mike Skinner (you're listenin' to the streets) - that guy. This is one of our favourite photo's in the entire world that Ewen captured. We don't know why we love it so much, we just do... okay?!


4) Rodigan - David Rodigan

Our selecta of choice... We love this man! Ever since our ma had him on Radio 2 back in the day, we've been obsessed. If you love a bit of reggae, dancehall and maybe even some Johnny Cash now and again, Rodi is your man. A few years ago he released his autobiography, Rodigan... It's definitely worth a read! It tells of how he got into the industry, the twists and turns on his way to where he is now, and some amazing stories of the inspiring musicians he met on his way. Love u Rodderz. 


5) Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Noah Harari

Ok disclaimer, this one will blow your bloody brains out. If, like us, you get a headache overthinking where we actually came from, like who started this whole thing called life? AND WHERE CAN WE FIND THEM AS WE WANT A REFUND... No  but seriously, this is such an educational, intriguing and fascinating book that takes you on the journey of the origin of the species, to the beginning of what the future will look like (so called *post humans* :S). 


And that is our top 5 fellow (trendy) nerds. Have fun reading, let us know what you think yeah?! 

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