So we're the big fat 5 years old! 

We started The Moon Child in our second year of university selling bohemian homeware bits and bobs. And the next thing we know, here we are with some of the ultimate SASS clothing and accessories for girls, guys and everyone in-between. 

It's been a wild ride, we first started giving The Moon Child some reallllll (and we mean a lot) of attention when we finished university, where we started focusing on clothing and collaborated with some of our amazingly talented gyals who were experts with a sewing machine to create our vision. 

We've worked with AMAZING influencers who genuinely love our brand and watching us grow, just as we do with them, which has been a real highlight for us. 

We've been invited as PRESS to some of our favourite ever festivals that we have been attending as lil ravers since back in the day. Working with festivals to create some wicked content and to also party at the same time has been such a wonderful experience and we hope to continue doing this until we grow old and can no longer carry a rucksack on our back. Wild child 5eva. 

So here is a big fat THANK YOU to everyone over the past 5 years who have collaborated with us, made our visions come to life, and most of all, SUPPORTED US through purchasing our items, holla'ing us on social media platforms and being there for us whatever the weather, you the real MVP's. 

So on that note, we'd like to thank you back. Everything on our site is now HALF PRICE (ending 05/09/19). You keep us happy, we keep you looking fly. 


The Moon Children x

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